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Are you planning to resubmit your NIH proposal? Would you like grantsmanship insight into evaluating reviewers’ feedback and structured time to work on drafting your revisions?

You are invited to participate in a 3-week peer review workshop, limited to 6 participants, that focuses on developing an effective Introduction and a revised Specific Aims page for your NIH resubmission. Through targeted presentations, close analysis of the study section reviews, and facilitated peer review, Tufts’ Office of Research Development (ORD) will provide strategies for and practice with drafting your Introduction to address reviewers’ concerns effectively. You will also have the opportunity to revise your Specific Aims page to reflect the conceptual or other changes of your proposal, as relevant. A hands-on intensive workshop, these sessions will give you 3 rounds of feedback through peer and instructor review for tailoring these 2 critical pages of your resubmission proposal.

To attend, please send an email by January 10th, 2019 to