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Dear Colleagues

On Tuesday, December 18 from 9 am to 1 pm, including lunch/brainstorming session, on the Boston Campus, we will have the Kickoff Collaborative Workshop of the Center for Integrated Management of Antimicrobial Resistance (CIMAR), a newly established center involving the University and Tufts Medical Center (mission statement attached). Initially, CIMAR envisages three areas of focus: (a) Combinatorial drug therapy; (b) Surveillance and stewardship; and (c) Education. To engage the greater Tufts community around these three areas and develop collaborations that leverage our collective expertise, we will have a series of (strictly enforced) 4-minute “lightning talks” by investigators to overview their focus of study relevant to antimicrobial resistance and to outline possible collaborations. (Slides are optional but if used should be limited to a maximum of three.) There will be multiple breaks to allow investigators to informally explore possible collaborative projects. Participants will have the opportunity to briefly describe in writing potential collaborative projects—these notes will be distributed to all participants, along with a participant list, in an effort to jumpstart interactions.

If you or a lab member are interested in attending, please indicate by linking to It would be helpful for head count and lunch if you indicated attendance by Dec. 11. In addition, in advance of the workshop, please consider one to three “buzzwords” that indicate your areas of interest that you would write on your name tag as an ice-breaker. If you are interested in giving a lightening talk, please indicate topic—we will try to accommodate as many as possible. (Note also that lightening talks may fill up quickly.) Finally, please forward this email to other individuals who you think may be interested.

We look forward to interacting with you all at this event!


Helen Boucher, TMC

Ralph Isberg, TUSM

Amy Pickering, TUSE

Gillian Beamer, TUSVM

Carol Bascom-Slack, TUSM

Bree Aldridge, TUSM/TUSE

John Leong, TUSM