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CNH2: Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems (CNH2)

NSF Directorate for Biological Sciences, Division of Environmental Biology
Directorate for Geosciences, Division of Integrative and Collaborative Education and Research
Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences, Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences

The CNH2 Program supports research projects that advance basic scientific understanding of integrated socio-environmental systems and the complex interactions (dynamics, processes, and feedbacks) within and among the environmental (biological, physical and chemical) and human (“socio”) (economic, social, political, or behavioral) components of such a system. The program seeks proposals that emphasize the truly integrated nature of a socio-environmental system versus two discrete systems (a natural one and a human one) that are coupled. CNH2 projects must explore a connected and integrated socio-environmental system that includes explicit analysis of the processes and dynamics between the environmental and human components of the system.

Letter of intent (required) due date: December 17, 2018
Full proposal deadline: February 14, 2019; November 15, 2019; November 15, Annually Thereafter


Enabling Discovery through GEnomic Tools (EDGE)

NSF Directorate of Biological Sciences, Division of Integrative Organismal Systems

Enabling Discovery through Genomic Tools (EDGE) is designed to provide support for development of tools, approaches and infrastructure necessary for direct tests of cause and effect hypotheses between gene function and phenotypes in diverse plants, animals, microbes, viruses and fungi for which these methods are presently unavailable.

Application deadline: February 12, 2019 and second Tuesday in February, annually thereafter


Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-1 (Mid-scale RI-1)

National Science Foundation

The Mid-scale Research Infrastructure Big Idea is intended to provide NSF with an agile, Foundation-wide process to fund experimental research capabilities in the mid-scale range from $6 million to below $20 million, divided into the following categories.

  1. Mid-scale RI-1: Implementation Projects (M1:IP) (e.g., Procurement, Assembly, Construction and Commissioning)
    Implementation projects may a) enable well-defined, limited-term research experiments with broad community buy-in and shared data resources and/or b) shared-use, mid-scale infrastructure for broad community use. M1:IP provides for acquiring, assembling, constructing and/or commissioning mid-scale infrastructure e.g., at labs, facilities or in the field, but does not support the construction or operations of labs/facilities or the science or operations undertaken with the infrastructure.
  2.  Mid-scale RI-1: Design Projects (M1:DP).
    Design proposals may be submitted to prepare for future mid-scale (greater than $6 million total project cost) and larger-scale research infrastructure. Design may cover Preliminary or Final Design, preparing a future mid-scale or larger project to a level of readiness that allows for a determination of the feasibility for implementation (assembly/construction).

Preliminary Proposal Due Date(s) (required): February 19, 2019
Full Proposal Deadline(s): May 20, 2019. By invitation only.