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Annual Series of Webinars, Workshops, Conferences & Seminars

Dear Postdocs,

Maria Blanco, the Associate Dean for Faculty Development at the medical school, has extended an invitation to postdocs for the programs she oversees.  There is a lengthy list of workshops, events, and seminars in the PDF below.  (Note that many require pre-registration). These cover such things as how to better connect with students, how to write better exam questions, how to use new technologies in the classroom, how to balance work and family, etc. I strongly encourage you to look through the list and attend the programs that you feel will enhance your training.  It’s far better to improve your teaching skills as a postdoc than try to do it all on the fly when you’re a junior faculty member.

Please see this PDF for a full list of development opportunities.

Best wishes,

Andrew Bohm, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Officer