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When we began the Research and Scholarship Strategic Plan (RSSP) in 2017, we knew the effort would only succeed with broad and deep participation from across our community and a transparent process.  In 2017, extensive data gathering – including 95 one-on-one interviews, 16 focus groups consisting of 91 participants, and a survey distributed to 1700 faculty members with a 30 percent response rate – directed our focus in five Priority Areas for research and scholarship.

Our Steering Committee constituted five Priority Area Working Groups, from which twelve proposals for research and scholarship that Tufts is uniquely qualified to address, were developed.  Additionally, four Cross-Cutting Working Groups have been formed to address ways to enhance research and scholarship across all priority areas.

Our Steering and Executive Committees, and ultimately Tufts’ Board of Trustees, will identify and support those proposals which best:

  • Align with and complement Tufts’ T10 and School/Center strategic priorities
  • Safeguard our Carnegie rating as a “R1 – highest research activity” university
  • Build on Tufts’ existing strengths
  • Have potential for field-advancing innovation
  • Make a beneficial contribution to needs or opportunities of profound importance to large numbers of people and societies
  • Provide avenues for multi-disciplinary collaboration inside Tufts and beyond
  • Are likely to secure funding and other vital support
  • Engage students

We are excited about the work that has been done to get to this phase, and equally excited about the implementation phase which lies ahead – into 2018 and beyond.

All the best,

Simin Nikbin Meydani
Simin Nikbin Meydani
Vice Provost for Research