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Browse a list of three relevant RFAs available from the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

Development of Valid Reliable Markers of Aging-Related Biologic Mechanisms for Human Studies (U01 Clinical Trials Not Allowed) RFA AG 18-018

Applications are due January 30, 2018; please contact Chhanda Dutta for more information.

This RFA encourages applications to develop valid markers to assess the activity of fundamental aging mechanisms in humans that may influence the risk and progression of multiple aging conditions. The markers generated through this initiative will provide a valuable resource for a wide range of human observational aging and intervention studies, by enhancing the ability to identify potential targets for interventions and assess the effects of interventions aimed at engaging these targets.

Role of Peripheral Proteostasis on Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed RFA-AI-18-020

Applications are due February 9, 2018; please contact Felipe Sierra for more information.

The current RFA solicits research projects that would advance our understanding of how protein homeostasis (proteostasis) in peripheral tissues affects brain aging, leading to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). It is known that proteostasis is less efficiently maintained in all tissues with aging, and this may indicate a link between proteostasis in the periphery and the appearance of aging-related diseases and conditions, including the decline in cognitive function, as well as dementia and AD. Therefore, testing for a role of aging-related loss of peripheral proteostasis in the development of AD is the focus of this FOA.

Immunity in the Elderly (R01, Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-AI-17 037

Applications are due February 22, 2018; please contact Rebecca Fuldner for more information.

This RFA solicits applications that will determine the mechanisms required for induction and maintenance of protective immunity in the elderly in response to infections and/or vaccinations including the effects of chronic inflammation on those responses. The goal is to expand understanding of age-related changes that occur in immune function during the aging process, especially through research into changes that influence responses to pathogens and/or vaccines, as well as oral and craniofacial health. Human studies are required, and inclusion of relevant studies using laboratory animals is permitted for mechanistic understanding.  This RFA Applications are due February 22, 2018.