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Each month, the OVPR highlights the past month’s sponsored research funding awarded to Tufts’ investigators, including both a list of funded awards and one or more featured project abstracts.

You can download the list of September awardees by clicking the button below. In September, Tufts researchers received 45 awards for extramural funding from federal, foundation, and corporate sponsors.

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This month's featured awards highlight two projects related to education and training. The first project, ‘Behavioral Health Enhanced School-based Training (BHEST) Program at Tufts’, is funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, and is led by Dr. Laura Rogers. The second project, ‘HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Grants 2017 Inclusive Excellence’, is funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and is led by Dr. Roger Tobin.

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Behavioral Health Enhanced School-based Training (BHEST) Program at Tufts

PI: Laura Rogers
Funder: US Department of Health and Human Services

Abstract: There are persistent disparities in outcomes for children with unmet behavioral health needs in schools with respect to risks for dropping out, academic achievement, and long term social and health outcomes. When schools increase and improve services to enhance children’s social and emotional learning, identify students at-risk early, and provide positive behavioral supports, outcomes for at-risk children improve. This can be accomplished by well-trained school psychologists working as a part of an interprofessional team. By developing a collaborative training model for school psychology students, we will build collaborative behavioral health competencies while also building the knowledge base and skills necessary to serve high needs children.

The Tufts University School Psychology (TUSP) program proposes to implement an innovative, sustainable, interprofessional collaborative training model entitled Behavioral Health Enhanced School-based Training (BHEST) Program at Tufts. The BHEST program will promote school psychology interns’ development of the skills necessary to work across disciplines in underserved school settings to meet the behavioral health needs of children. The focus of the training and collaboration will be on enhancing the behavioral health screening, referral, and behavioral health services to high needs children. The BHEST program targets schools located in Massachusetts counties designated as medically underserved. BHEST’s goals, objectives and measurements include: 1) recruitment approximately 32 interns over the four year project period to work in target sites, doubling the number of TUSP interns serving in these areas, 2) addition of one new medically underserved area MUA school district (Lowell, Massachusetts) to our existing three partnerships increasing field placement slots and number of school children impacted, 3) integration of school nurses with school psychologist in the field placement program, 4) development and provision of professional development training workshops to field supervisors, i.e. school psychologists, and school nurses, 5) provide two years of post-graduation mentoring for school psychology graduates who are working in schools serving high needs children, and 6) the execution of a continuous improvement process and program evaluation plan. TUSP will build a training model responsive to each school site comprised of 1) needs assessment for professional development, 2) training and planning for enhancing behavioral health screening, referral, multi-level services, and 3) support in monitoring student responses to all services provided by school psychology interns. Additionally, interprofessional teams of TUSP Faculty, field supervisor school psychologists, and school nurses, will receive training in team collaboration, leadership, and professional development to aid in their supervision of school psychology interns.

HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Grants 2017 Inclusive Excellence

PI: Roger Tobin
Funder: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Abstract: This award, a part of HHMI’s Inclusive Excellence initiative, was recently featured by Tufts Now. To learn more about this award, please use the following link to read the article.