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Laboratories throughout Tufts often have reason to transport materials that may be hazardous in some way, such biohazardous, toxic, or radioactive. It is important for individuals to transport these materials in a way that contains the hazard within an appropriate transport container. When packaged correctly, hazardous materials can be safely carried through public spaces without the need to wear gloves, lab coats and other personal protective equipment (PPE). The materials can be set down in a hallway or elevator without contaminating those public spaces or exposing those around you.

In response to recent reports of people wearing gloves and lab coats in public areas, a memo is being circulated as a reminder that gloves, lab coats and other PPE must be removed before leaving the laboratory. This is necessary for two reasons: 1) Wearing contaminated gloves, lab coats or other PPE outside of the lab can spread contamination to the public spaces; 2) People in the public spaces get scared and wonder if they are being exposed to something hazardous when they see people coming out of a lab with PPE.

Please see the memo on PPE  for more information, including contact information should you have any questions.