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DarpaArtificial Intelligence: A DARPA Perspective

Presented by Dr. John Launchbury, Information Innovation Office (I2O) Director, DARPA

Date: November 10, 3:00pm — 4:00pm
Location: Dowling 745, Dowling Hall, 419 Boston Ave, Medford

Recent, powerful technology developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are being harnessed to support many different applications, yet fundamental limitations still exist. This talk will explore this powerful technology that DARPA has catalyzed for decades and that is now poised to move in surprising new directions.

This workshop is open to all researchers. Registration is not required.


DARPA’s mission is to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security, thus catalyzing the development of capabilities that give the Nation new options for preventing and creating strategic surprise.

The Information Innovation Office (I2O) is one of six technical offices at the agency that also includes the Biological Technologies Office (BTO) and Defense Sciences Offices (DSO) among others.

DARPA seeks robust engagement directly with potential university partners. DARPA’s work spans the spectrum from basic research to applied research to operational applications–a range of activity that offers numerous opportunities for academic engagement.