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To be compliant on an IBC registration, several requirements must be met:

  • All personnel must first complete the mandatory Basic Biosafety training. The specific training that is required is indicated on your approved IBC registration form. More information about training requirements can be found in the IBC policy on Mandatory Biosafety Training. To read training descriptions and access all of the trainings, please see the training descriptions on the Biosafety website by clicking here.
  • After completing the required training, personnel must be added to the IBC registration. The PI can email the completed form to priorĀ to beginning work.
    • To add personnel: the PI must complete a personnel form and email it to the
    • To remove personnel: the PI must email the IBC Office with their name and the applicable IBC registration number for removal.
  • All personnel listed on an IBC registration must read a copy of the approved registration prior to beginning work.