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Principal Investigators must keep in mind that it is their responsibility to guarantee the appropriate training of their students, associates, collaborators, and staff and to ensure that their research is in compliance with all pertinent regulations and institutional policies. Please note the following training requirements:

Basic Biosafety Training

All project personnel, regardless of previous training or experience, must complete Basic Biosafety Training before being added to an IBC registration and beginning work. This training must be renewed every 3 years. More information can be found here.

Principal Investigator Training on NIH Guidelines

New Principal Investigators of an IBC registration must take this training at least once, regardless of whether or not they currently work with recombinant DNA and/or synthetic nucleic acids. This training includes important information about IBC oversight, procedures, and compliance responsibility. More information can be found here.

Advanced Specialized Biosafety Training

Use of some biohazardous agents requires additional training that is more specialized than what is offered in the Basic Biosafety training. Most of this training will be agent-specific and will be required by the IBC upon registration review. Thus, these trainings will be scheduled on an as needed basis. The staff listed on these registrations will be required to attend both the “Basic Biosafety” and the “Advanced Biosafety” trainings. Contact the Biosafety Office to set up this training.

For more information on mandatory training, please refer to our policy.