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The Protocol Form is used for IACUC review of animal research. It has been designed to help guide the investigator by requiring the specific information needed in order to comply with federal regulations. Directions for the type of information to include are provided under each protocol section. All procedures proposed for live vertebrate animals should be included within the protocol form for IACUC review.

***A pre-review by the IACUC office staff is strongly suggested for both the submission of protocols and amendments. This often saves time and work for the investigator.***

Please note that only protocols that receive Approval may be initiated. The Principal Investigator is notified of the protocol’s voted categorization as soon as possible following the review. The IACUC correspondence will indicate the questions the reviewers had and/or the revisions that have been requested in order to achieve Approval.

Although the review of animal protocols by the IACUC is a legal requirement, there are several additional advantages that occur as a result. These include:

  1. The evaluation of animal models for suitability.
  2. The consideration of the use of potentially hazardous material in order to protect personnel and prevent the disruption of ongoing research.
  3. The summary of information that is required in applications to the National Institute of Health and other funding agencies.
  4. Review assists Tufts CMS/LAMS/CBU in anticipating the need for equipment and facility space.

Protocol Renewals and Expirations

Protocol Approvals are effective for 12 months following initial Approval by the Committee. Annual renewals are required each year for the two subsequent 12-month periods. Following the third year, the approved protocol is expired. If the research will continue past the administrative three-year lifespan of a protocol, a full Committee “de-novo” review is required. A “new” protocol must again be submitted in full and the granting agency can be notified of the updated protocol number and Approval date.

To terminate a protocol prior to the end of the three year period, notify the and confirm whether any animals are housed under the protocol.