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Animal Identification and Procedures

Clinical Studies and Teaching Activities That Do Not Require IACUC Review

Collaborative Work with Outside Organizations

Conducting Semiannual IACUC Inspections

Conducting Survival Surgical Procedures in Rodents

Continuing Review of Animal Research Protocols

Definition and Responsibilities of an IACUC Principal Investigator

Enrichment of Research Animals

Food/Fluid Restriction or Deprivation

Frog Oocyte Harvesting

Housing of Rodents Outside Centralized Facilities

Identification Methods, Genotyping, and Toe Clipping of Laboratory Rodents

Intra-institutional Transport of Animals

Maintaining Proper Animal Health Records of Research Animals

Maintaining Rodent Cage Populations

Maintenance of Blades for Use in Conscious Decapitation

Medford Policy on Review of Amendments to Approved Protocols

Methods of Euthanasia “Acceptable with Conditions”

Modification of the Anesthesia Protocol

Modification of Procedures During Non-Survival Surgery

Physical Restraint of Research Animals

Policy Regarding Intraspecies Amendments

Non-Compliance and/or Animal Mistreatment

Protocol Requirements for Use of Non-mammalian Eggs/Embryos

Requiring a Congruency Comparison Prior to Release of IACUC Approval Dates

Requirements for Personnel Working with IACUC-Covered Animals

Retro-Orbital Bleeding

Review of Amendments to Approved Protocols

Review Procedures and Voting Categories

Single Housing of Research Animals

Use of Alternate IACUC Members

Use of Cadavers and Animal Parts

Use of Expired Medical Materials & Non-Pharmaceutical Grade (NPG) Substances in Research Animals

Use of Inhalants for Euthanasia

Use of Novel Compounds

Use of Off-site Vendors for the Production of Custom Antibodies

Whistleblower Policy