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Preparing your Vertebrate Animals Sections (VAS)

A VAS is required by the NIH if the work proposed in a grant application or cooperative agreement involves live vertebrate animals, including animals obtained or euthanized for tissue harvest and generation of custom antibodies. This section details these requirements and provides a worksheet to assist applicants in preparing the VAS for submission, modified to apply to Tufts IACUC protocols.

Veterinary Care Program Descriptions

This page provides pre-written program descriptions that may be requested by funding agencies. The NIH announced they no longer require this in their Vertebrate Animal Sections (VAS); however, other funding agencies may require this information.

How to Obtain an IACUC Approval Date

It is a requirement of both Federal law and NIH Grants Policy to ensure that an in vivo project that has been selected to be funded is congruent with an approved IACUC protocol(s). Funding agencies ask for this verification by requesting an IACUC approval date. It is the release of the approval date that verifies to the agency that a congruency comparison has been completed. Please keep in mind that it is non-compliant to provide an IACUC approval date without this congruency review. The procedures for obtaining your IACUC approval date via a congruency letter are detailed here.