Federal Funding Sources

All U.S. government federal funding opportunities are posted on Grants.gov. Opportunities are available here from most government grant-making agencies. The Office of Extramural Research (OER) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the best source for information on the NIH grants process, including current news, alerts, deadlines, and notices. For information on National Science Foundation (NSF) funding, please see NSF Research Areas and NSF Funding.

Lewis Burke Associates

Lewis-Burke Associates is a full service government relations firm specializing in advocating for the public policy interests of institutions of higher education and other research and education organizations. Tufts University has contracted with Lewis-Burke to assist with optimizing federal research funding opportunities. Lewis-Burke can work with deans, faculty members and staff to identify and interact with potential funding agencies, prepare for shifts in federal funding programs, and organize visits to Washington, D.C. to bring Tufts’ research to the attention of federal policy makers. Lewis-Burke can also respond to requests for informational documents on federal research and education funding agencies and related areas.

Tufts University faculty and staff can contact a Lewis-Burke associate to discuss working together on a research funding initiative. Meet the experts at Lewis-Burke.