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RSP-004: Tufts University Radioactive Materials Sponsorship Request

RSP-004: Radioactive Materials Sponsorship Request for Tufts University

The Tufts University School of Medicine’s Broad Scope License issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Radiation Control Program, authorizes the Tufts Radiation Hazards Control Group (RHCG) to appoint Principal Investigators to be responsible for assigned areas where sources of ionizing radiation are located. Sponsorship is permitted for 6 months to those individuals planning to work with radioactive materials under the supervision of a permitted Principal Investigator from the same department and as recommended by his/her Department Head. Those who successfully complete sponsorship, to include a written radiological safety examination, will be eligible to apply for a Radioactive Materials Permit (RSP-001) issued by the Environmental Health and Safety Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). Each permitted Principal Investigator will be responsible for ensuring that all uses of radioactive material in his/her laboratories are in compliance with all regulations. Permitted Principal Investigator’s are responsible for all activities in their assigned areas including radionuclide inventory control, waste management, effluent control, radioactive material procurement, supplies, safe procedures and the registration and training of employees, contractors and visitors.

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