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Newsletter Article – V, 2; October 2013: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Selection Guide

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Selection Guide

One size/type doesn’t fit all, when it comes to Personal Protection Equipment.

Selecting proper personal protective equipment for laboratory hazards can be difficult. Protective clothing; gloves, aprons, and lab coats, can be manufactured from a variety of materials. The most important point to remember is that no one material, protective clothing or equipment will protect the user from all laboratory hazards.

OSHA requires that a hazard assessment of the workplace be performed to determine the need for personal protective equipment, and employees receive training on the use and limitations of the PPE selected. This PPE selection guide should be used as a supplement to the “Certification of Hazard Assessment and Personal Protective Evaluation” found in Tufts University Personal Protection Equipment Plan

Volume V, Issue 2; October 2013

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