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Blank Chemical Inventory

Date Updated Program Area Document Name
1/2016 Accident and Incident Reporting Accident Incident Report Form for Tufts University
2011 Laboratory Safety
11/2018 Chemical Safety High Hazard Chemical Registration Form
2011 Laboratory Safety Laboratory Decommissioning or “Close Out” Form
1/2019 Laboratory Safety Laboratory Safety Inspection Form for Tufts University
2013 Training Laboratory Safety Training Checklist for Tufts University
8/2014 Laser Safety LSP-001: Laser System Permit Application
7/2012 Laser Safety LSP-003: Laser System Disposal/Transfer Guidance
2012 Chemical Safety NIOSH’s General Safe Practices for Working with Engineered Nanomaterials in Research Laboratories
Chemical Safety NIOSH’s Safety Requirements for Compressed Gas Cylinders: Self-Inspection Checklist
5/2017  Non-Lab Safety Office Safety and Health Checklist for Tufts University
9/2010 Radiation Safety RSP-001: Radioactive Materials Permit Application
Radiation Safety RSP-004: Radioactive Materials Sponsorship
Radiation Safety RSP-005: Radioactive Materials Principal Investigator Applicant Training and Experience
Radiation Safety RSP-006: Radiological Worker Registration
8/2012 Radiation Safety RSP-007: Radiation Safety Investigation
6/2015 Radiation Safety RSP-009: Principal Investigator Exam Preparation Guide, Non Human-Use
11/2016 Radiation Safety RSP-011: Radiation Worker Declaration of Pregnancy
8/2017 Radiation Safety RSP-013: Radioactive Materials Procurement Blanket Order Notification (Boston Campus)
Radiation Safety RSP-014: Radioactive Materials Procurement (Grafton-Nuclear Medicine)
Radiation Safety RSP-015: Radioactive Materials Inter-Permit Transfer
Radiation Safety RSP-061: Radiation Dosimetry Badge Procedure
Radiation Safety RSP-062: Electronic RAD-60 Dosimeter Procedure
Radiation Safety RSP-063: Radiation Dosimetry Location
12/2015 Radiation Safety RSP-072: Radiation Producing Machines Permit Application
9/2014 Environmental Management Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) Inspection Report
7/2014 Shop, Tool and Machine Safety Shop Inspection Form for Tufts University
Ergonomics UC Riverside’s Laboratory Ergonomics Checklist – Reducing Ergonomic Risks in Laboratories


Date Updated Program Area Document Name
10/2013 Fire Safety Be Ready for a Fire in the Laboratory!
7/2017 Biosafety Support Certification of Biological Safety Cabinets
3/2012 Environmental Management Chemical Management at Tufts: Less is Better
5/2017 Chemical Safety Chemical Resistant Glove Guide
10/2013 Chemical Safety Chemical Waste Reference Guide for Tufts University
7/2017 Biosafety Support Decontamination of Biological Safety Cabinets
7/2010 Laboratory Safety Emergency Eyewash and Emergency Showers for Tufts University
7/2017 Fire Safety Fire Safety in the Laboratory at Tufts University
Indoor Air Quality Flood Cleanup and the Air in Your Home by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Laboratory Safety Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Pictograms by SCHC-OHSA Alliance
2/2014 Laboratory Safety Guidance on the Use of Fume Hoods at Tufts University
10/2016 Chemical Safety Guide to Controlled Substances
5/2015 Chemical Safety Hazard Communication Standard – Container Labeling: GHS Manufacturer Container Label Content
8/2013 Environmental Management Hazardous Chemical Waste Management: Most Common Chemicals / Mixtures and Their Associated Hazards
9/2015 Chemical Safety High Hazard Chemical Audits – Common Explosive and Unstable Chemical List
7/2016 Chemical Safety Laboratory Use of Chemicals that Require Occupational Medical Services (OSHA 1910)
2012 Radiation Safety MA DPH Radiation Control Program; 105 CMR 120.200: DPH Standards for Protection Against Radiation
2006 Radiation Safety MA DPH Radiation Control Program; 105 CMR 120.200: Notice to Employees
2004 Chemical Safety NTP 11th ROC: Carcinogens Listed in the Eleventh Report – Known to be Human Carcinogens
2/2018 Training Orientation Safety Manual: Working Safely at Tufts!
Ergonomics OSHA Ergonomic Checklist: Computer Workstations eTool – Evaluation Checklist
1/2013 Facilities and Construction Safety OSHA Fact Sheet –  Reducing Falls in Construction: Safe Use of Stepladders
01/2013 Chemical Safety OSHA Fact Sheet – Working Safely with Nanomaterials
2011 Laboratory Safety OSHA Quick Facts – Laboratory Safety Electrical Hazards
10/2013 Laboratory Safety Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Selection Guide
9/2011 Environmental Management Practical Application’s Mercury-containing Chemicals Cheat Sheet
10/8/2014 Radiation Safety Radiation Safety Policy for Pregnant Radiation Workers
1/2016 Laboratory Safety Recommended Practice on Hand Creams and Hand Lotions in the Research Laboratory
7/2017 Biosafety Support Repair of Biological Safety Cabinets
Radiation Safety RSP-020: Radiation Safety Committee members
10/2013 Radiation Safety RSP-040: Radiation Safety Data Sheet (Phosphorous-32)
2016 Art Safety SMFA Hand Protection: It’s in Your Hands: Preventing Hand Diseases and Injuries among Artists and Art Students
11/01 Chemical Safety Table 9 Carcinogens Table: OSHA, IARC, NTP, ACGIH by Ohio State University EHS
5/2010 Chemical Safety The Proposition 65 List – Chemicals Known to the State to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity by CA EPA
5/2014 Training Total Safety Training at Tufts University
2015 Facilities and Construction Safety Tufts EHS Project Advisory Services
10/7/2014 Radiation Safety What Does ALARA Mean?