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If not addressed, poor indoor air quality can affect the health, performance and morale of faculty, staff and students.  Problems can arise from a number of sources, such as stale air, wet surfaces or materials causing growth of mold and bacteria, construction dust, or external contaminants that enter the ventilation system.  Tufts Environmental Health and Safety, in conjunction with Facilities Services, can evaluate indoor air quality through investigative work, review of building systems, and/or conducting air monitoring or sampling.

If you are concerned or question the quality of the air in your work area, please contact the number below to request assistance.  It is critical when requesting assistance that the callers name and number, location, and a description of the concern is provided.

  • To Report a Fire: Call 911
  • Emergencies:  Situations involving strong chemical or gas odors, immediately contact Tufts University Police at x66911 for on campus callers or 617-636-6911 for off-campus or cell phone users.
  • Non-emergencies:  All other situations, contact Tufts Environmental Health and Safety at x63615 for on campus callers or 617-636-3615 for off-campus or cell phone users.

Indoor Air Quality Assurance Plan for Tufts University

Mold Management Plan for Tufts University

Special: Floods, Water and Mold