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Hazard Communication Standard-Container Labeling

Hazard Communication Standard – Container Labeling: GHS Manufacturer Container Label Content for Tufts University

All container labels are required to have the following elements
1. Product Identifier: (Chemical Name, CAS #, Code)
2. Pictogram(s)
3. Signal Words: (Danger or Warning) “Danger” is used for the more severe hazards, and
“Warning” for the less severe hazards.
4. Hazard Statement: Standard phrases to describe the hazard class (Physical, Health, or Environmental) (by June 1, 2016)
5. Precautionary Statement and Pictograms: A phrase to describe measures to be taken to
prevent adverse effects First Aid included (by June 1, 2016)
6. Supplier Information: Address and phone numbers

Last Updated: 5/2015

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