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Tufts University Repair of Biological Safety Cabinets

Repair of Biological Safety Cabinets for Tufts University

Biological safety cabinets will need repair if the operator determines that the airflow and airflow patterns have changed which will usually activate a cabinet alarm. More commonly, biosafety cabinets fail the Annual Recertification and the cabinet is posted, “UNSAFE DO NOT USE” until repaired.

There are three common repairs: electrical or control repairs, filter repair or replacement or sash repair.

The cost of the repairs is the responsibility of the laboratory supervisor or the department.

Tufts EHS can recommend contractors qualified to perform repairs however other repair service firms can be contacted for estimates and repairs. However, before use, the biosafety cabinet must be recertified using a Tufts EHS contractor. Cost of certification or recertification is covered by Tufts EHS.

Last Updated: 7/2017

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