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Purpose: Access to instrumentation, services and expertise for discovery and development of therapeutics for treatment of cancer and other diseases

Major Instruments/Services: Services are primarily project-based but access to the following instrumentation is provided:

  • ThermoFinnigan LTQ Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
  • epMotion 5070 Cell Culture Liquid Handling System
  • Tecan Saphire 2 Multimode Microplate Reader
  • Tecan Genesis RSP 150/8 Liquid Handling Robot
  • ImageExpress Micro High Content Imaging System
  • PerkinElmer IVIS 200 Biophotonic Imager

Fee: Yes

Access: Open to academic investigator inside and outside Tufts and to biotech and pharmaceutical companies

Preferred Contact: Min Fang,, (617) 636-6848

Campus: Boston

Level of Service:

  • Level 1: Fee for full-service facility. User only needs to bring a sample, the facility does the rest.
  • Level 2: Do-it-yourself facility with full-time technical support.
  • Level 3: Do-it-yourself after intensive supervised training. Occasional trouble-shooting help is provided.