DISC Seed Grant Awardees

We are delighted to announce award decisions for the Seed Funding Program from the Data Intensive Studies Center (DISC). Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR), DISC will fund 11 proposals. Please join us in congratulating the following individuals/teams:

Predicting Dialogue Acts from Annotated Conversational Corpora

Team Lead: JP de Ruiter (SoE)
Team Member: Charles Threlkeld (SoE)

Establishing a Data-Based Classification Criterion for Deep Eutectic Solvents

Team Lead: Prof. Matthew Panzer (SoE)

Enhancing Security, Utility, Access, and Impact of Big Data on Youth Voting in America

Team Leads: Dr. Nancy Thomas and Dr. Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg (TISCH)
Team Members: Prabhat Gautam, Dr. Kelly Siegel-Stechler, and Sarah Keese (TISCH)

Unsupervised Clustering for Molecular Dynamics: Internal Distance Geometry and Manifold Dictionary Learning

Team Leads: Prof. Yu-Shan Lin and Prof. James M. Murphy (A&S)

Deep-learning enhanced multi-parametric quantitative ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging for early prediction of treatment response and recurrence

Team Lead: Dr. Srivalleesha Mallidi (SoE)

Systematic Inference Of Viral Phenotype Through AI Approaches

Team Lead: Jonathan Runstadler (Cummings)
Team Members: Martin Allen (SoE) and Laura Borkenhagen (Cummings)

Parsing single cell transcriptomics with tissue localization and neurological behavior

Team Lead: Shruti Sharma (TSUM)
Team Members: Katherine Sulka (TSUM), Jacob Hopkins (TSUM), Machlan Sawden (TSUM), Albert Tai (TSUM), and Eric Reed (DISC)

Proposal for a DISC Seed Grant on Agent-Based Computation and Data (ABCD)

Team Lead: Bruce M. Boghosian (A&S)
Team Members: Marc Hodes (SoE) and Peter J. Love (A&S)

Physics Guided Deep Learning for Actionable Outcomes

Team Lead: Shafiqul Islam (SoE)
Team Members: James Adler (A& S), Laurie Baise (SoE), Georgios Georgalis (DISC), Xiaozhe Hu (A&S), Eric Miller (SoE), Babak Moaveni (SoE)

Study Group for Spatial Multiomics

Team Leads: Michael T. Chin (TMC), Paola Sebastiani (TMC), and Albert Tai (TSUM)
Team Members: Rebecca Batorsky (CTSI), Heather Gardner (Cummings), Paul Mathew (TMC), Tanya Karagiannis (CTSI), Anastasia Gurinovich (TMC) and Eric Reed (DISC)

TUFTS University Art Collection HACK-A-THON Working Group

Team Lead: Dina Deitsch (SMFA)
Team Members: Anna Haensch (DISC), Laura McDonald (SMFA)