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The RSC is charged with providing independent expert advice to Administration, Directors, Investigators and others specifically working with or in areas containing radioactive materials or radiation producing machines. Members often review an array of complex scientific, technical, and policy issues, including questions related to the development and evaluation of the Radiation Safety Program (RSP).

The RSC receives its authority from the Vice Provost for Research and is represented by departmental faculty and supporting staff of Tufts University (Boston, Grafton, and Medford). The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review the current status of and advise on the development of the RSP, and to ensure that the safe handling of radioactive materials and use of radiation producing machines are optimized.

The Committee is a forum of experts that provide technical and administrative guidance and effectively review safety controls and procedures, security procedures, training programs, annual RSP audits, facility design, amendments to regulatory licenses and internal RSP permits.

The following list summarizes the primary objectives and responsibilities of the Committee:

  • To support the development of radiation safety policies and procedures.
  • To review and approve radioactive material permits.
  • To review the RSP Annual Audit and continuous development of the RSP.
  • To advise management on radiation protection requirements and regulatory updates.
  • To review deficiencies and incidents and assess what corrective actions if any are required.

For further radiation safety information, please see the Tufts University Radiation Safety website.

Contact Information for University Guidelines

Institutional Official: Heather Cosier
(617) 636-2793

Radioactive Materials and Radiation Generating Devices

Radiation Safety Officer: Geoffrey C. Sirr, Jr.
(617) 636-3450
Boston, Medford/Somerville and Grafton Campuses

Chair of the Radiation Safety Committee: Mauricio Solano
(508) 839-5395 x84836
Health Sciences Campus

Radiation Safety Committee Members (Boston, Grafton, and Medford)