Strategy, Implementation & Assessment

Strategy Implementation & Assessment (SIA) is responsible for evaluating and assessing Research Administration & Development services, roles and key metrics.

The Strategy, Implementation, and Assessment unit (SIA) is responsible for the ongoing evaluation and assessment of RAD services and metrics, monitoring key performance indicators, review and updates to roles and responsibilities, and is involved in the RAD training curriculum. The unit is also responsible for subrecipient monitoring, access to, and Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) reporting.

Request Support from a RA Floater

SIA also manages OVPR-funded research administrator floater positions and allocates local support. Support from a Research Administration floater is allocated on a first come, first served basis. Available time is limited and is dependent on existing projects, and a request does not guarantee the availability of support. Support can be requested on a short (1-2 months) medium (3-5 months), or long (6+ months) basis. Support can be requested at the following levels:

  • Short term: A specific need, such as a large, multi-investigator project
  • Medium term: A vacancy in the process of being filled, or coverage for a leave
  • Long term: An increase in volume (number of proposals and/or expenditures) that cannot yet be addressed by the requesting school or center.

To discuss access to Research Administration floater time, interested departments should contact Sarah Marina at