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Dear Colleagues,

In the RAS Build Notes that you received earlier, you will find information on improvements and fixes in the RAS build that occurred on Sunday, July 7.

We wanted to highlight a few of the new items for LRAs:

Basics Panel. Nature of Foreign Work. This new field captures the following that will take place in another country: Subcontract, Consultant, Business Travel, and In-Country Employees. This field is not required and multiple selections can be made. For more information on what to do at the proposal stage if there will be foreign work, see the course Foreign Work: What to Do Across the Award Lifecycle in Tufts Learning Center.

PI Certification Panel. Proposal Hierarchy Question. The build updated the wording of the final PI certification question to cover all hierarchy use, including collaborations. To view the edited question, click the Summary/Submit Panel -> Personnel on any proposal and view details.

Notifications Panel. History of Certification Emails. This new panel summarizes the following outgoing notifications: when the PI is notified to certify and when the PI certifies. You can navigate to this new panel via the menu on the left side of your proposal screen in RAS Proposal Development. (You will find it at the bottom of the menu).

Tufts Collaborates. Dept ID field. This field is now required when there is a ‘Yes’ response to the question, ‘Did this proposal result from a Tufts Collaborates Award?’ If you do not know the DeptID for the related Tufts Collaborates Award, please contact A Tableau report on Tufts Collaborates Proposals and Awards will be available in the near future.

We would also like to announce that an updated version of the RAS Proposal Development Job Aids is now available in Tufts Learning Center. The new version includes video-illustrated demonstrations of RAS actions. You can access these RAS Job Aids here or by going to Tufts Learning Center and navigating to My Courses, then selecting the brown bar for OVPR courses, and “Launching” RAS Job Aids – Proposal Development.

All the best,


Laura Lucas and Zoya Davis-Hamilton