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Dear colleagues,

This weekend we performed a software upgrade to the Research Administration System (RAS) to complete several planned enhancements to various modules (see detail below).

Also click here for either new or updated job aids based on this build’s upgrade. These updates will not be in the current RAS job aids PDF since we are in the process of converting these job aids to an online training system. In the meantime you can reference the attached job aids for this build’s updates and the current RAS job aids PDF for the rest of the system’s functionality. We will keep you posted on the process of the job aids conversion.

As always, please report any technical issues to Thank you!

– The RAS Team



Build Notes – Research Administration System (v 1903.0018 T31)
Institutional Proposal

·         Institutional Proposals (IPs) Status.  Resetting IP status from ‘Funded’ to ‘Pending.’ When a ‘Funded’ IP is un-linked from an existing award, the previously linked IP will be automatically updated to the status of ‘Pending’ (unless it is still linked to other awards). 

Proposal Development (and Budget)
Data Changes & New Features

·         PI Certification Panel. Proposal Hierarchy Question. Updated the wording of the final question to cover all hierarchy use, including collaborations. To view the edited question, click Summary/Submit Panel -> Personnel on any proposal and view details.

·         Tufts Collaborates. Dept ID field. This field is now required when there is a ‘Yes’ response to the question, ‘Did this proposal result from a Tufts Collaborates Award?’   If you do not know the DeptID for the related Tufts Collaborates Award, please contact A Tableau report on Tufts Collaborates Proposals and Awards will be available in the near future.

  • Notifications Panel. History of Certification Emails. This new panel summarizes the following outgoing notifications: when the PI is notified to certify and when the PI certifies.
  • Basics Panel. Nature of Foreign Work. This new field  captures the following that will take place in another country: Subcontract, Consultant, Business Travel, and In-Country Employees. This field is not required and multiple selections can be made.


  • Hierarchy Copy. Hierarchy Copy with Degree Information. Fixed an issue where the Proposal Hierarchy copy failed when there is degree information present in the record of one of the copied  parent’s proposal personnel.
  • Budget. Modular Budget. Fixed an issue where the  Modular Hierarchy Budget was not saving when there was a manual change made to the Direct Cost Less Consortium F&A budget.
  • Budget. TBN personnel. Fixed an issue when using TBN personnel on a Proposal Hierarchy budget, the totals were not rolling up to the parent budget correctly when the same TBN roles exist on multiple children.
  • Proposal status. Approved & Submitted. There are times where proposals after approval are falsely moved into an ‘Approval Granted’ status instead of an ‘Approved & Submitted’ status; these will now be corrected nightly to an ‘Approved & Submitted’ status.
Data Changes & New Features

·         Old Home Account Field. Future Segments of an Existing Award. A new validation exists to enter the ‘Old Home Account’ field when an award is linked to a proposal with one of the following Proposal Types representing that the award belongs to a future segment of an existing award: Renewal, Resub of Renewal, Revision – Competing Supplement, Resub of Rev – Competing Supplement, or Task Order. Note: This validation may pop up on existing awards when re-edited, but is legitimate, since this value is needed.


·       Award. Canceled Status and linked Institutional Proposal (IP) Status.  Fixed an issue where when an Award is updated to the ‘Canceled’ status, their linked IPs were staying in the ‘Funded’ status. RAS will now automatically update these linked IPs to the ‘Pending’ status if those IPs are not linked to any other non-canceled awards.

·      Award. Lead Unit. Fixed an issue so that the lead unit (DeptID) from the listed PI will not autopopulate the lead unit on the award and instead inherit the Proposal/IP’s lead unit.

Award Budget

  • Award Budget Locks. Improper Closing a Record . Fixed an issue where users were getting ‘locked out’ from an Award Budget record when another user was in the record and did not close properly. The fix will unlock the record after 24 hours (the next day).
Additional Resources
Please be sure to use official channels for contacting technical support so we can address your request most efficiently.


  • Known Issues – Open, known issues in the system (with instructions/workaround recommendations) can now additionally be found via a link on the home page of RAS (post-login), under Quick Links
  • RAS Route Paths – Preview all current route paths established for your departments in RAS. Separate tables are displayed for:
    • PD Route Path (Proposal & PD Budget)
    • Award Budget Route Path

You can filter by school or department and/or hover over the final column to see all roles summarized, including delegate assignments for each stop. Going forward, please use these views as your baseline for requesting additional updates and submit all update requests through the tool by clicking in the grid and selecting the appropriate role against which to complete the request form.

  • Keywords – A complete list of currently available keywords that can be applied in PD (or, later in IP/Award).  Note: You can also apply Tags to a record if the Keyword you would like to use is not available.
  • More on how to use features and functions of the RAS application in the Tufts Learning Center. If you cannot find the answer in this guide, please review the Known Issues list or contact:
    • your Pre Award Portfolio Manager (Proposal Development (PD), Institutional Proposal (IP) – functional questions)
    • your Post Award Specialist (Award, Award Budget – functional questions)
    •  617-627-3376* (system errors or for other technical support)
      *For urgent issues, calling the above phone number will guarantee the most immediate response.
    • Please do not call or email the RAS Team directly with questions as we cannot guarantee the same turnarounds.
  • Support Tickets/Emails: Key contextual information—like RAS Proposal #/Award #, Opportunity ID, steps taken to produce the error/issue, screen shots (if applicable), and submission deadline date—should be included along with a clear summary of your question for best results. Note: For best results, please also use a descriptive Subject, including record ID, in your email.
  • Please note that Subcontractor/Site and Sponsor Requests are managed by Jordan Wilkinson in OVPR, with backup contacts: Brandon Milby ( and Jeff Cosier ( in case of out-of-office. Please continue to direct all such requests to Jordan.
  • RAS Users Distribution: if you know of anyone on your team who is currently not receiving the Build Notes (this message), please forward along and send us a request to to get that person/those people added.

Proposal Development

  • Please remember to enter at least one Keyword from the available menu for each PD proposal in addition to a Grand Challenge (RSSP/PAWG values). Keywords are essential for university trend reporting to better inform future submission strategy.
  • Reminder: PLEASE DO NOT USE THE “SALARY EFFECTIVE DATE” FIELD IN PROPOSAL BUDGET. This date should default to the Project Start date and should NOT be changed except in the specific scenario of adding the same employee twice to budget for variable base salary by period. When used in variance from the period start date, it can affect the accurate calculation of your budget. Instead, apply specific date ranges in the Apply Personnel to Periods panel per the job aids. Note: This is distinct from the Salary Anniversary Date, which may be used to set a 9/1 inflation date, for example.


  • Please remember to ALWAYS use the start date of the increment of funding in the Obligated Start field and NOT the Project Start date, unless shared.

Award Budget

  • Please remember to ALWAYS edit and finalize the Award PRIOR to transmitting a first Award Budget transaction.
  • Please be sure to review outstanding data validations (via report) BEFORE submitting an Award Budget for best results.
  • Please note that Award closeout procedure using Award Budget requires two sequential transactions through the Award Budget Tool – financial amount closeout (drawing all remaining Anticipated funds to zero) and a separate status change closeout. If processed together, the grant will be inactivated before money can be updated.
July 7, 2019 – Version  v 1903.0018 T31 (this includes Kuali and Tufts configurations, and fixes)