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Dear Colleagues,

You will all receive credit in the new Tufts Learning Center for the previous OVPR workshops that you have attended (completion of manual entry in the system from the participant sign in sheets is on track to be completed this summer).

Please note the new automated process for getting participation credits going forward. This is already in effect for the PARTs workshops “Level up with Axiom Tips and Shortcuts” and “European Privacy Law (GDPR) – What Members of the Tufts Research Community Should Do to Comply”

Before each upcoming PARTs workshop please:

  • Log into Tufts Learning Center
  • Go to “My Courses
  • Select the brown bar to navigate to education offerings from OVPR
  • Next to the upcoming PARTs, select “View
  • Select the session your are planning to attend and select “Enroll.” (You can always change to a different session by following this process again if your schedule changes).

This quick process will allow you to receive contact-hour credit that will appear on your transcript after you attend.

We recommend that everyone do this, even if you are not currently pursuing a professional re-certification requiring professional development contact hours, as people often find that these records become necessary unexpectedly.

All the best,


Zoya Davis-Hamilton, Ed.D., CRA
Associate Vice Provost for Research Administration & Development
Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Tufts University 
136 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111 
(617) 636-6709