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Dear colleagues,

As you know, the new RAS build was released this weekend with some updated features. We wanted to give you some important information about two of those updated features.

  1. If you are building a proposal in RAS and select any Proposal Type other than New, Pre-Proposal, or Transfer-In, RAS requires that you include the Original Institutional Proposal (IP) ID.

However, sometimes the project was originally proposed while the PI was at a previous institution. In these cases, Tufts may not have an Original IP ID in RAS.

For this reason, a new check box has been added to the Proposal Details panel with the statement, “The first segment of this project was submitted while the PI was at another institution.” This check box is unchecked by default. But if the Original Institutional Proposal ID is not known because the PI submitted the first segment from another institution, then this check box should be checked.

  1. RAS also now requires that you identify the Location of Work.
  • If the Location of Work is or includes the United States, select the United States.
  • If the Location of Work is foreign, please select each of the countries where the work will be completed.
  • If the Location of Work is foreign but the countries are unspecified, please select the region(s).
  • If the Location of Work is foreign but the countries and regions are not yet identified or confirmed, please select TBD.

Of note, Location of Work includes any location where employees or consultants will be on the ground or where travel will occur. It does not include the location of the sponsor.

All the best,

Zoya Davis-Hamilton and Laura Lucas