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Dear All,

I received several questions in response to my earlier announcement about Tufts Collaborates submission through RAS (included below for easy reference). I want to share with you the answers to these questions. Additionally, the RAS Job Aid for Tufts Collaborates submissions is attached.

Q: Are scopes needed if it is a collaborative proposal between departments/schools?
A: No, they are not required since Tufts Collaborates are not set-up as grant account IDs. It may be helpful to have scopes from a research administration perspective (up to the LRA to decide).

Q: Is the PI certification needed?
A: Yes.

Q: Why is ad hoc routing to the Dean needed?
A: This replaces the physical Dean’s signature that was required in prior years. Please feel free to contact with any questions related to the Dean’s approval.

Q: Does the 5/2 day rule apply to the deadline for submission?
A: Given that Pre-Award has no role in the review process, we are not limiting the time an investigator has to submit their application to accommodate Pre-Award’s review or approval of the proposal. Applicants have up until 5 PM to ensure their application is with the signing official on the route path. 

Q: What is the Pre-Award signing official role in the process?
A: Pre-Award role is limited to pushing through the proposals to the Collaborates team after the deadline. The signing official has no role in the process.

Please let me know if there are any further questions.

Please see below for additional information on Tufts Collaborates proposals in RAS:


Dear Colleagues,

As you may have seen, the next round of Tufts Collaborates submissions for 2019-2020 Academic Year is now announced with the deadline of 5 pm, 1 February 2019:

I am writing to let you know that Collaborates proposals must be submitted in RAS this year. Similar to other non-S2S submissions, proposal demographic data (PI, collaborators, etc.) and budget document must be filled out in RAS, and a single PDF attachment with all other required components must be uploaded.

Collaborates proposals will be treated like any other non-S2S applications and route for internal approval based on the standard escalations. While they will end with Pre-Award, Pre-Award will not review the applications and just change the status to indicate the proposal has been approved and submitted to the sponsor (like other non-S2S submissions). The applications will be pulled from the system by Business Operations and sent to the internal review process.

The ability to process these internal proposals will be enabled by this weekend’s RAS build and available as of December 3rd. Please note that RAS submissions only apply to Collaborates proposals (which are managed by the OVPR) and not Innovates (which are managed by the Provost’s office and remains an email submission).

Thank you for your support to these proposals. Please let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,