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Dear All,

We updated the Budget Revision (a.k.a. Rebudget) form and narrowed down the circumstances when the form needs to be submitted to OVPR Pre-Award office. The details can be found on our website here (alternatively, navigate to Award Management/Budget Revision).

In summary, the Budget Revision Form should only be sent to Pre-Award when:

  • Prior approval is required from the sponsor, including a change in the scope of work associated with the budget revision
  • Requested budget changes impact F&A (increase OR decrease).

There is currently no change to the requirement that the EAD or another authorized official at the PI’s school or center must sign the form in instances where there is a reduction in the F&A amount is greater than $2,500. Please note the continued requirement that HNRCA must sign all requests in all instances where there is a reduction in F&A for any amount.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Zoya Davis-Hamilton, Ed.D., CRA