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Dear Colleagues,

We need your help to meet the university year-end cutoff deadlines that were announced yesterday. Last year taught us some painful lessons so this time we modified our year-end schedule for sponsored transactions. Here are the deadlines for paperwork to be sent to OVPR for posting to FY18.

  1. Labor Adjustments

Mock QERs (April-May 2018) will be sent by June 8th and will be due back by June 25th. This is the final deadline for labor adjustments to April and May that you wish to be posted to FY18.

Any retroactive labor adjustments for June only must be received by June 27th via PAFs because final QERs will not yet be generated. Please only return the June adjustments at this time.

In the past we had an overwhelming volume of year-end QER adjustments and there was not enough time to process all of them by the cut-off date even when we deployed several additional staff.  As a result, we concluded that we are unable to use the QER adjustment process for June for the changes that need to post by year end.

Full Q4 QERs will be sent by July 6th and will be due back by July 27th. QER adjustments returned by this deadline will be posted in FY19.

In summary, retroactive April and May 2018 adjustments can be made on the mock QERs; June adjustments that need to post in FY18 must be submitted via PAFs. Any adjustments that are not sent via the mock QERs by June 25th or are not done through PAF before June 27th will be processed in fiscal year 2019.

As much as possible please make proactive changes in the labor distribution system to avoid needing retroactive changes. 

    1. Cost Transfers

A deadline for sending cost transfer paperwork to Post-Award is June 25th.

Cost transfers received after June 25th will be posted in FY19.


Zoya Davis-Hamilton, Ed.D., CRA