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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that Tufts now has InCommons single login with both NCBI-PubMed AND eRA Commons – for users with a Scientific Role (this is because it’s still in pilot for Commons). OVPR will include the announcement in our weekly newsletter next week, but it will also be helpful if you let your investigators know directly.

For instructions, click Commons Single Sign On Instructions.


Zoya Davis-Hamilton, Ed.D., CRA

Federated Institutions/Organizations Sign In

eRA Commons is piloting Institution/Organization Log In functionality. This pilot is limited to those organizations currently registered with the Center for Information Technology (CIT). This piloted feature allows limited users at these registered institutions/organizations (herein referred to as organizations) participating in the Commons Federation to use their organization’s credentials to log into the Commons system.

We are pleased to announce that Tufts is participating in an eRA Commons Single login pilot, allowing access to both NCBI-PubMed and eRA Commons. This functionality is currently available for users with a Scientific Role, and allows these users to use their Tufts credentials to log into the Commons system.

Accessing Commons with Your Organization Credentials

  1. Navigate to the Welcome to the Commons page.
  2. In the Federated Institutions/Organizations section of the log-in panel, select the appropriate organization from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the Sign In button.
  4. Your organization’s sign in page displays.
  5. Enter your credential information (e.g., username and password) as appropriate to your organization.

This information – and screen – is managed by your own organization and not by eRA Commons. If you do not know your credentials at your institution or you are having trouble with your institution’s log in screen, you will need to contact your institution. eRA cannot help you with this screen.

Validations will occur with your organization to authenticate your credentials. Any failure to authenticate your organization credentials must be addressed with your organization.

If Commons determines that your organization credentials are associated with a your Commons ID, you will be successfully logged into Commons and can start using the system. If your accounts are not linked, you will be prompted to do so.