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Research Administrator of the Year, Medford Campus – Nicole Tardiff

Nicole is hard working, resourceful, and fun to work with. She “owns” her portfolio and tirelessly tackles any problems, even those that have not been resolved for a very long time before she came on board.

Research Administrator of the Year, Grafton Campus – Man Ki (Mikki) Hui

Mikki is a tremendous help, is exceedingly efficient with any questions asked, and will even take the time to remind you to get submissions in by deadlines. Mikki has a wonderful sense of humor, and she will quickly address your concern or direct you to someone that can.

Research Administrator of the Year, Boston Campus – Brandi Negron

Brandi has shown strong adaptability to navigate an ever-changing dynamic within the Nutrition School while facilitating the partnership between project coordinators and research administrators. She is providing a presence to manage complex projects.

Outstanding New Research Administration Professional – Jessica Colon

This award is given to those who haven’t been in the profession of research administration for too long. Jessica is reliable and unflappable and we are looking forward to Jessica’s further successes.

Research Administrator of the Year, Pre-Award – Jennifer Hillebrand

Jen has shown amazing professionalism and calmness in stressful situations, both key qualities in a great pre-award research administrator. The kindness and thoroughness to not only answer any questions, but no matter the question always seeing it through to finding the answer regardless if it’s in her area of expertise.

Research Administrator of the Year, Post-Award – Valerie M. LeBrun

Val goes above and beyond and consistently amazes with her willingness to volunteer, help others, and take on new special projects without hesitation. She gives 110% in order to help maintain good customer service and serves as a remarkable role model and mentor. She has a passion for gaining knowledge, great work ethic, outstanding customer service skills, and quality leadership skills.

Outstanding Lead Research Administrator – Keleigh Sanford

It’s not just the work ethic and the impressive amount of volume that Keleigh handles but the full buy in to the being a part of the Tufts community and that we’re all one team whether your school or central is what has made for someone that’s very easy to work with and represents many of Tufts research administrative ideals.

Outstanding Research Administration Manager – Jori Barabino

Jori’s talents as a manager really flourished when he became the leader of Medford Pre-Award office eight months ago. He rebuilt and refocused the office, cultivated partnership between staff in central and at the schools, and, with his team, supported a record number of complex proposals last year (all with a smile). Most recently, Jori stepped into the role of Director of Pre-Award and successfully continues his leadership of the combined Pre-Award office during the transition to Boston.


Champion of Research Administration Change – Deena Pineo

Deena is a tireless leader of the OVPR Post-Award Research Administration. This is one of the departments that underwent the most change during the last year. Deena is a true champion of her department and of positive changes. She is always open to evaluating how things are done and coming up with the ways to improve.


Champion of Research Administration Knowledge – Denise Rouleau

Denise played a critical role in organizing CRA study group at Tufts in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017 and, together with her colleagues, promoted the value of the exam and RA knowledge. She is a great mentor and colleague. She chairs the Tufts RAMP committee and is your first contact about the mentoring program.


Outstanding Partner of Research Administration Community – Laura C. Lucas

Laura’s dedication to the RA Community is unsurpassed. There are very few people in research administration that have not interacted with and learned from Laura. Not only she develops and conducts wonderful RAS and other trainings, she also cares deeply that we all succeed in our work at Tufts.