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Termination notices (PHS 416-7) are used to document the termination of appointments to individual and institutional research training programs, including fellowships, training grants, career development awards, and research education awards. A termination notice for each trainee must be submitted immediately upon the termination of his/her support on the award. Awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with the following activity codes may require termination notices.

Steps for submission of the Termination Notice

  1. The Program Director (PD/PI) initiates, reviews, makes any necessary updates to the termination notice, and selects the appropriate Tufts Business Official (BO). Representatives of Central Post-Award are designated as Business Officials (BOs) for the PHS Termination Notices.
  2. After saving the termination notice, PD/PI routes it to the trainee.
  3. Trainee completes the appropriate fields and routes the termination notice back to the PD/PI.
  4. The PD/PI reviews the form, makes any necessary changes, saves and routes to the BO for submission.
  5. BO reviews the termination notice, updates as necessary, and submits to NIH.
For more information on the submission of NRSA termination notice, please visit:

xTrain (eRA Commons):

xTrain Termination of Appointments Quick Reference Guide:

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Activity Code

F30 KL2 T01 T42 R25
F31 K12 T02 T90 R90
F32 KM1 T03 TL1 RL5
F33   T15 TU2 RL9