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Please click the links below to access available IRB templates that you may use for your study.

Amendment Templates
ICF Templates
Protocol Templates

Every prospective human subjects research study must have a protocol. When a study is sponsored by industry, a protocol is typically provided by the sponsor. If a protocol is not provided by the sponsor, or a study is initiated by the Principal Investigator (PI), the PI must create a detailed protocol for the study. If a protocol does not accompany the submission to the IRB, it will delay the review of the research.

To assist with the creation of a protocol, the IRB office has provided the following protocol templates:

  • HRP-503- Template Protocol
    (To optimize use of this template, enable macros by choosing “enable content” when you open the document).
  • Form 7 (Record/Database/Specimen Review) – Required for retrospective medical record/chart/electronic database/specimen review and databases created for research purposes. When submitting a Form 7, there is no need to submit a separate protocol (and no need to submit a Form 1). Form 7 will serve as the protocol for these studies.

Other Resources

This website provides recommendation of scientific, ethical, and administrative elements that should be addressed in a clinical trial protocol.  Included are a useful checklist (WORD | PDF) and example table of assessments (WORD | PDF).

Other Templates