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At Tufts Medical Center, subject payments are made using the Greenphire ClinCard system.

Subject payment and reimbursement plans must be described in the study protocol or Site-Specific Appendix and must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to implementation.

  • ClinCard should be used to pay and/or reimburse study subjects.
    ClinCard has replaced check requests and petty cash.
    (Alternatives to using ClinCard (such as a $25 Visa gift card) can only be proposed to the IRB if you submit this proposal to the IRB along with acknowledgement from Tufts Medical Center Research Administration.)
  • Parking vouchers, MBTA tickets, and meal tickets are also allowed.
    (If these are used, they should be described in the study payment/reimbursement plan)
  • If you have an existing approved study that uses an alternative payment method (not ClinCard), you can continue using your current payment plan – you do not have to start using ClinCard.

However, if you choose to modify an existing study’s payment plan to use ClinCard, you will need to revise the protocol/Site-Specific Appendix and ICF, and you will need to re-consent subjects to the new ClinCard payment plan.
(Any modification to the payment/reimbursement plan must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to implementation.)

  • When using ClinCard, the following language should be included in the Payment section of the informed consent form (ICF):

Template ClinCard ICF language:

Payment will be made using a pre-paid debit card. It works like a bank debit card. We will give you a debit card and each time you receive a payment for participation in this study, the money will be added to the card after each completed visit.

You may use this card at any store that accepts credit cards or you can use a bank machine to remove cash. However, there may be fees drawn against the balance of the card for cash withdrawals and inactivity. You will receive letters with additional information on how you can use this card and who to call if you have any questions. Be sure to read these letters, including the cardholder agreement, for details about fees.

The debit card system is administered by an outside company. The company, Greenphire, will be given your name and social security number. They will use this information only as part of the payment system. Your information will not be used for any other purposes and will not be given or sold to any other company. Greenphire will not receive any information about your health status or the study in which you are participating.

Include the below as applicable:
Due to federal tax law, you are required to provide us your social security number in order to process your payments. If you receive over $600 from Tufts Medical Center or Tufts University Health Sciences in a single calendar year (either in a single study or multiple studies), you will be issued an IRS 1099 form. This may affect your taxes. Only payments for being in research studies will be used to decide if you should receive the IRS form. Money for study-related parking, food and other expenses are not included in this IRS disclosure.

  • If you are currently using Clincard for your study, and you are only updating your ICF to include this updated template ClinCard ICF language, you do not need to re-consent subjects to this new ClinCard language in the ICF. Instead, provide subjects with applicable IRB approved documents below that contain the ClinCard updates.
  • For any Tufts Health Sciences IRB study using ClinCard, you should provide the following ClinCard handouts to subjects. These handouts have already been approved by the Tufts Health Sciences IRB for general use, and can be used in your study without further IRB approval:

Tufts Health Sciences IRB approved Greenphire ClinCard Subject Handouts:

Please contact Research Administration if you have questions about the Greenphire ClinCard:

Emily Cameron
Research Administrator
Tufts Medical Center
(617) 636-6249

Douglas Reichgott
Director, Financial and Regulatory Operations, Research Administration
Tufts Medical Center
(617) 636-5609