In cases of over-expenditure, the PI and department administrator should take immediate steps to eliminate the shortfall within the month after it appears on the Financial Summary Reports. In practice, over-expenditures should not continue beyond a three month period.

How Tufts manages over expended grants:

Check mark button Month #1 : Sponsored Programs Accounting will notify the Principal Investigator and/or department/office manager if an over-expenditure occurred. If Sponsored Programs Accounting is advised that additional funds are forthcoming within ninety days (either through a continuation, renewal, or incremental funding of the award), then the over-expenditure can remain in place. If additional funds are not expected, then action should be taken to clear the over-expenditure before month end.
Check mark button Month #2: If the PI is unable to resolve or propose a plan to remedy the over-expenditure by the second month, a notice will be sent to the BFO and to the Department Chairperson specifying the project/grant, and amount overspent and assistance to clear the over-expenditure.
Check mark button Month #3: If the over-expenditure is not cleared by the third month, an unrestricted department account will be requested by SPA from the School Officials to absorb the over expended balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The full Over-Expenditure policy is available to view by clicking here .