The grant closeout is a critical piece in the life cycle of a grant. Preparation for closeout should begin three months prior to the end date of the grant in order to accurately forecast expenses and any adjusting entries that need to be made. It is also a point where many Principal Investigators realize the need to apply for no-cost extensions from their funding agency. If your grant is from the NIH, your grant may be subject to SNAP. SNAP = Streamlined Noncompeting Award Procedures. Grants that are subject to SNAP can be identified by looking at the grant notice of award. For specific details about closing a grant from the NIH, click here. Listed below are some of the responsibilities involved in the grant closeout process and who has a role in the particular task:

Task Principal Investigator (PI) and/or Department Administrator (DA) Office of Research Administration (ORA) Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA)
Expiration Meeting Contacts SPA to schedule a meeting, if desired Offers closeout meeting to PI/DA
No-cost Extensions Makes request to ORA Requests NCE from or notifies agency Confirms availability of funds, if needed
Final Effort Certifications/ Adjustments Submits PAF and/or certifies effort reports for final time period of grant Processes labor adjustments as certified by PI
Expense Transfers Submits expense transfers to SPA (within 90 days of charge) Processes expense transfer if all criteria are met
Invention/Patent and Property Reports Works with ORA to compile final invention statement and certification Signs off on reports and submits to sponsor
Final Program/Technical and Financial Reports Submits program/technical report; works with SPA for final financial report information and cost sharing documentation, if mandatory Approves submission of technical reports, if required Submits final financial status reports and/or final invoices to sponsor, within 90 days of expiration;              submits cost sharing reports, if required
Rebates & Releases Signs and submits reports to sponsor Prepares these reports, when required, and forwards them to ORA
Inactivating Grant in PeopleSoft Settles unliquidated obligations and inactivates grant once all cash has been received from sponsor