Cost Sharing

It is the PI/department’s responsibility to track the expenses made to complete a cost share agreement. The only exception is when the University agrees to a reduced F&A rate and the unrecovered F&A fulfills the cost sharing requirement.


Check mark button Know what Dept ID is going to be used to cover the cost share expenses. It is recommended that PI’s review cost sharing arrangements with their SPA Accountant to avoid confusion when it comes time to complete financial reports.
Check mark button Plan ahead to know how the cost share will be fulfilled and to ensure that the agreement will be met by the end of the grant.
Check mark button An item that is reported as part of one grant’s cost share contract may not be reported as part of another cost share agreement.

Why this is Important

  • Sponsored Programs Accounting will need to know how much cost share has been accomplished in order to report back to the government. Based on the specific reporting requirements this information may be needed quarterly, semi-annually, annually or once for a final report.

Cost Sharing is included as part of the OMB A110 Circular – Administrative Requirements: