This site will provide you with information about core facilities, service centers and shared instruments available to researchers at Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center. Core facilities provide services and technical support while service centers provide products. The shared instruments describe large pieces of equipment that are available for use by multiple investigators. The levels of service are listed for each core using the following guidelines:

  • Level 1: Fee for full-service facility. User only needs to bring a sample, the facility does the rest.
  • Level 2: Do-it-yourself facility with full-time technical support.
  • Level 3: Do-it-yourself after intensive supervised training. Occasional trouble-shooting help is provided.
  • Level 4: Limited access facility (e.g. users need to be part of a collaborative group, center, or consortium)

Further information about specific core facilities, instruments, and scheduling time and services at these facilities can be found on the individual pages. Feel free to contact the associated person with questions.

To request to add new core facilities or shared instruments to this website, please click here.