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Closeout is the term used to represent the actions taken at the end of a project, which is reached at the end date reflected in the award document. If no additional time or funding is needed to complete the project tasks and objectives, the award must be closed in a manner described below, a process made easier by good award management over the life of an award. The Principal Investigator (PI), the Local Research Administrator (LRA), Office of Research Administration (ORA), and Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) partner for timely closeout process.

Preparation for award closeout begins three months prior to the end date of the award. This is done to allow for the accurate forecasting of pending allowable expenses not yet allocated to the award, and to allow for any adjustment to financial entries that need to be made. Ninety days before the end of a given award, SPA will send the PI and the LRA a 90-Day Notice with information regarding the award closeout. If upon receipt of this notice the PI determines that the project is not complete and a no-cost extension is needed, a No-Cost Extension request should be submitted to ORA as soon as possible.

  • Salary & Labor Distribution (Updated PAF’s): process PAF’s to move employees/students off the award. Review key personnel salary allocations and document any DeptID cost-share of salaries for committed grant effort
  • Marketplace: update TSS with any necessary changes to your profile by creating a case
  • P-Card: update TSS with any necessary changes to your profile by creating a case
  • Apptricity: make sure all travel has been processed
  • DLAM: update any remaining animals/cages associated with this award or make arrangement for disposition
  • Open Commitments: Submit, liquidate, or cancel any encumbrances. Stop or redirect all re-occurring charges by the end date
  • Review of Expenses: Review the award terms & conditions and ensure that all expenses are appropriate. Any erroneous or unallowable expenses must be transferred to department account.
  • Cost sharing: Any committed cost sharing must be expended by the time the project ends. Provide a final accounting of cost share to SPA
  • Program Income: Any program income must be expended by the time the project ends. Please work with SPA on a final accounting.
  • Subawards: Obtain a final invoice and any other final reports from each of the subrecipients no later than 60 days after sub-award end date to ensure timely closeout
  • Over-expenditures: Transfer deficits out of sponsored awards promptly within 90 days after the award end date.
  • For fixed price awards that may have residual balance, refer to the Residual Balance on Sponsored Awards Policy

For assistance with closeout actions contact your SPA Post Award Financial Specialist. A closeout meeting is offered upon request.

Over-expenditures (cost overruns) occur when cumulative expenses exceed the amount awarded by the sponsor.

Small over-expenditures

Small over-expenditures that are less than or equal to the de minimis threshold amount approved by each school or center will be automatically transferred by the Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) Specialist off the award account to the DeptID designated by the school or center. Cost transfer paperwork is not required for these minimal closeout transfers. Notifications will be sent to the PI, LRA, and the individuals designated by the school or center.

Over-expenditures above the de minimis threshold

It is the department’s responsibility to transfer deficits out of sponsored awards promptly within 90 days after the award end date.

If cost overruns remain unresolved beyond 90 days after the termination date, SPA will notify the school/center’s Lead Research Administrator. Continued issues with resolution of cost overruns will be brought to the attention of the school/center Executive Administrative Dean (EAD) or equivalent, and the representative of the Budget Center at 120 days after the termination date. If the overruns continue to be unresolved 5 months after the termination date, the entire overexpenditure balance will be transferred to the Principal Investigator’s discretionary DeptID or to the department’s DeptID at the discretion of the department chair.

Uncollectible amounts

Occasionally receivables on sponsored award accounts are difficult to collect. SPA will notify the Lead Research Administrator and the EAD or equivalent of any sponsor receivable that is over 60 days due and plan a more aggressive collection approach. Every effort will be made to collect outstanding reimbursements before the deficit is transferred to the department’s DeptID.

Most federal sponsors and many private sponsors require the submission of final reports within 90 days after the award end date (some agencies may require early or later submission). When Tufts is a subrecipient, final reports are due to the prime institution in advance of the 90-day mark. Please refer to the award terms and conditions to determine the due dates.

  • Final Financial Statement (FFR)/Final Financial Status Report (FSR)/Final Invoice: The final financial report or invoice is prepared and submitted to the sponsor by SPA within 90 days of the end of the award, or as required by the award terms and conditions
  • Patent/Invention Report: ORA will prepare and submit the Final Invention Report based on the information obtained from the Office of Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration.
  • Final Technical Report: The PI prepares and, in most cases, also submits the final technical report and any other progress reports required by the sponsor. Please contact your ORA Signing Official to obtain institutional signature on the technical report if necessary or request assistance with submission