Preparing for NIH Application Submission in 2010

Per NIH eRA email announcement sent 12/18/09

Most of you have heard by now that NIH is making significant changes to grant application requirements. If not, you’ll want to check out the latest NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-10-031 (and the related Notices listed within it), as well as the Enhancing Peer Review Site and the eSubmission Site. The ADOBE-FORMS-B Application Guide is also available and remains the single best resource for information when filling out your application. With so much information out there, here are a few “can’t miss” items to make sure you get off to the right start in 2010.

Selecting the Correct Form Package

The submission deadline to which you are applying determines the application package (set of electronic forms and instructions) needed for submission. NIH uses the Competition ID field to identify application packages.

  • Applications intended for submission deadlines on or before January 24, 2010 must use application packages with a Competition ID of ADOBE-FORMS-A
  • Applications intended for submission deadlines on or after January 25, 2010 must use application packages with a Competition ID of ADOBE-FORMS-B

See Confirming the Correct Electronic Forms Choice for additional information on where you can find the Competition ID as you prepare your applications. Note that we carefully use the phrase “applications /intended/ for submission deadlines…”. You CAN NOT submit your R01 application on January 24 for the February 5 standard deadline to get 25 pages for your research plan. It’s a clever thought, but it simply won’t work.

Parental Guidance

The first set of ADOBE-FORMS-B Parent Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) has been posted and their ADOBE-FORMS-A counterparts have been modified to expire right after the January 7 AIDS deadline. Be sure to use the new Parent FOAs and instructions for all applications (New, Renewal, Revision, Resubmission) intended for submission due dates on/after January 25, 2010. If you don’t yet see an ADOBE-FORMS-B version of the Parent FOA you are interested in, see Reissuing Parent Announcements to determine when that FOA is expected to be available.

Form Transition & Applicants Eligible for Continuous Submission

NIH applicants who have provided a set level of peer review service are eligible to submit their R01, R21 or R34 applications under the continuous submission process (applies for applications to FOAs that follow standard submission deadlines only). Since this special process eliminates submission deadlines and, instead, guarantees applications will be reviewed no later than 120 days after receipt, the timing for the cut-over to ADOBE-FORMS-B for this set of applicants is based on submission date.

NIH will ensure that review meetings do not mix applications prepared using old and new application structure and instructions. To enable timely second level review, applications may be moved to earlier
councils following review if timing permits.

For applicants eligible for continuous submission only:

  • Non-AIDS R01, R21 and R34 applications submitted after January 25, 2010 must use ADOBE-FORMS-B
  • AIDS R01, R21 and R34 applications submitted after February 7, 2010 must use ADOBE-FORMS-B