The Office of Research Administration will submit additional grant application information for NIH’s Just-in-Time process. NIH is the only agency that uses the Just-in-Time concept as currently designed in the Commons.

The Just-in-Time feature of the eRA Commons allows a Signing Official (SO) (that is, the Office of Research Administration) to electronically submit additional grant application information qualifying for Just-in-Time submission, when requested by the granting agency, after the completion of the peer review of a grant application and prior to funding.

The Just-in-Time feature is used by NIH for applications meeting established review criteria. In general this feature becomes available for applications that fall within a certain percentile or priority score ranges. However, applicants should not submit any Just-in-Time information until specifically requested by the agency. These requests can be eRA-system generated e-mails or contacts directly from the specific funding agency via e-mail and/or phone.

What are the features?

  • Allows for electronic submission of additional documentation when requested by NIH, after completion of peer review of grant application and prior to funding.
  • Includes limited system-generated e-mail notifications. Other notifications may be generated by specific Institutes/Centers.
  • At this time, the submission is a one-time submission, so the applicant institution must be prepared to submit all required information before using this function.

What are the Benefits?

  • Allows applicant institutions to electronically submit requested information in a timely fashion when requested by the granting agency.

Who can use the Just-in-Time Feature?

  • Signing Officials can provide information and submit to the agency.
  • Principal Investigators can upload Just-in-Time information into the Commons for the Signing Official to submit.

As with use of all eRA Commons-based features, a Commons username and password are needed to log in. If you are a researcher with a username and password already assigned and your account has been activated by the ORA, simply go to to log in (left side of homepage). Your username and password are valid for as long as you are a member of Tufts University, as it is registered through the institution. If you do not have an eRA Commons account, please contact (617) 636-6550 (for Health Sciences Campus) or (617) 627-3417 (for Medford/Somerville Campus). Once your account has been set up, you will receive an email directly from eRA Commons with your username and password.

See here for more information about Just-in-Time from NIH.