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Planning Process and Structures

  • Inform the Tufts community of research and scholarship strategic planning effort
  • Form an 8-12-person Advisory Committee, including faculty, students, administrators, and trustee/advisors from Schools & Centers, to provide input and advice throughout the planning effort
  • Gather information and recommendations from deans, faculty, researchers, students, and administrators with the following broad questions in mind:
    • What are the Schools’ research and scholarship priorities?
    • What are researchers’ current research objectives?
    • What do participants see as the large challenges and research and scholarship opportunities ahead?
    • Where are participants planning to direct their future research and scholarship activities?
  • Gather information from other stakeholders and thought leaders, inside and outside Tufts
  • Perform SWOT analysis
  • Establish working groups to address major topics and questions identified in the first round of information gathering

Planning Principles and Approaches

  • To set broad research and scholarship priorities for the University, OPVR will act by convening discussions to identify strengths and priorities, and facilitating implementation of recommendations
  • Priorities will be drawn using a bottoms-up approach to understanding research and scholarship opportunities and strengths across Tufts, by:
    • engaging the Schools’ scholars in strategic conversations about Tufts research priorities to elicit each School’s view of unique research and scholarship opportunities and current strengths, and
    • inviting deans, faculty, and students to buy into a compelling vision for Tufts’ research and scholarship contribution, impact, and brand, and seeing themselves within this vision
  • Recommendations will be provided to Tufts’ leadership
  • Tufts' Leadership is committed to support implementation of recommendations
  • Implementation will include assessment of progress, monitoring of changing internal and external environments, course correction where needed, and communication of success