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Working Group Charge

All universities study social issues: their causes and consequences. A focus at Tufts, deeply rooted in our intellectual traditions, evident in all of our schools and colleges, and linked to our teaching mission, is advanced research on why and how human actors address social issues with attention to stability, equality, engagement and peace. Specific social issues that have been proposed by Tufts’ stakeholders (e.g., wealth inequality, the rise of new global powers, and urbanization and gentrification) are examples of topics that can be studied with a focus on how human actors affect such problems.


  • Equity in Health, Wealth and Politics


Chair: Peter Levine (Jonathan Tisch College of Civic Life)
Facilitator: Chris Drew (OVPR)

  • Jennifer Allen (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Bruce Boghosian (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • David Ekbladh (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Silke Forbes (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Kelly Greenhill (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Eitan Hersh (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Ian Johnstone (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy)
  • Melissa McInerney (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Thomas Stopka (School of Medicine)
  • Monica Toft (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy)