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Working Group Charge

Like One Health, this topic area uses an interdisciplinary approach to one of the most fundamental problems of the 21st century — understanding human experience across time and space, in its various iterations, from the metaphor to the meme. The challenges of this theme benefit from an intersectional approach to the histories of culture drawing on relation, convergence, translation, exchange, memory, material culture. Such multiple strands of inquiry approach problems as braided together with beliefs, common practices, and modes of inquiry as constructing both the problem and the solution. Reclaiming the Human recognizes the promises and pitfalls of universalizing notions of the global, and the human to reveal important links connecting problems that are as elemental as air itself to human culture and experience.


  • The Culture and Politics of Creativity
  • Culture, History, and Translation
  • Global Medical and Health Humanities


Chair: Lisa Lowe (School of Arts and Sciences)
Facilitator: Augusta Rohrbach (OVPR, Strategic Initiatives)

  • Joe Auner (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Alessandra Campana (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Kendra Field (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Brian Hatcher (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Kareem Khubchandani (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Megan McMillan (School of the Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Sarah Pinto (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Kamran Rastegar (School of Arts and Sciences)