Data Science – Poster Presentations

Poster Session I

Title Author(s)
Data Science and the Data Management Lifecyle: A Library Perspective Kelehan, Raboin, Vagts
The Computational Biology Initiative Iyer and members of the Computational Biology Initiative
Conflated Constructs: The Case for Abandoning Social Support As an Evaluation Criterion for Transplantation Ladin and Daniels
Using a Dental Data Repository to Test the Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Heart Attack: A Comparison of Data from NHANES and Big Mouth Park, Stark, Tran, Walji
Mitochondrial and Plasma Associated Metabolic Perturbations Due to Low Dose, Chronic Exposure to the Organochlorine Pesticide Endosulfan I Walker, Pennell, Caudle, Roede, Jones
Reduced Ventricular Contractility Is Associated with Reduced Cardiovascular Fractal Dimension Shapiro, Tolman, Joshi, Schumann, Lanchulev, Cobey, Stukowski
Evaluating Management Alternatives for Free-Roaming Cat Populations Across a Range of Landscapes: An Individual-Based, Demographic Simulation Modeling Approach (ABSTRACT NOT AVAILABLE) Boone, Briggs, Lawler, Levy, Miller, Nutter, Slater, Zawistowski
Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields for Outlier Detection: An Application to Detecting Epileptogenic Cortical Malformations Ahmed and Brodley
The Effect of Protective Factors on Shifting Caries Risk Classification Midle, Alghanem, Stark
Mental Workload Classification with Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: Model-Based and Data-Driven Approaches Tgavalekos, Sassaroli, Kainerstorfer, Fantini, Hincks, Afergan, Peck, Shibata, Yuksel, Jenkins, Jacob
The Nutritional Genomics Laboratory at the HNRCA – Summary of Current Research Activities Parnell
Living in an Urban Environment Is Associated with Increased Blood Pressure and Arterial Stiffness Corlin, Woodin, Lane, Brugge, Thanikachalam, Vanzan, Sunderarajan, Thanikachalam
Ultra Short-Term Heart Rate Variability As a Predictor of CABG Outcomes: A Retrospective Case-Controlled Study Ursprung, Dave, Cobey, Ursprung, Warner


Poster Session II

Title Author(s)
Data Science and the Data Management Lifecyle: A Library Perspective Kelehan, Raboin, Vagts
Regulatory Network of Astroglia in Synapse Formation Iyer and Yang
Hypothesize, Visualize, Analyze, Scrutinize, and Generalize: The Multi-Faceted Challenges of Examining Big Data Liss, Wu, Naumova, Chui
Building Data Science Competencies into Nutrition Science Training Obin
Stochastic Curtailment of Health Questionnaires: A Computer-Based Approach to Reducing Respondent Burden Finkelman, Kim, He, Lai
Comparison of Traffic-Related Ultrafine Particle Number Concentrations on Roads and at Nearby Residential Locations in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) Simon, Bob, Patton, Durant, Brugge
Assessing the Utilization and Validity of a Standardized Dental Diagnostic Code System Stark, Park, Walji, Kalenderian, McClellan, White
Multilinear Data Analytics: Methods and Applications Aeron, Zhang, Pothier, Kilmer, Kernfeld
Evaluation of Dental Students Clinical Performance Alghanem, Park, Midle, Stark
Using Social Media to Crowdsource Control Strategies for Soft-bodied Robots Crooks, Rogers, Trimmer
Addressing Human Subjectivity via Transfer Learning: An Application to Predicting Disease Outcome in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Zhao, Brodley, Chitnis, Healy
Longitudinal Analysis of the Gut Microbiota in Children with and without Stunting in India Dinh, Ward, Ramadass, Kattula, Kang, Chatterjee, Wanke, Kane, Naumova
Social Networks and Labor Markets Gee, Jones, Burke