Postdoc Awards & Accomplishments

If you have been awarded a grant or fellowship, please contact Daniel Jay, Postdoctoral Officer, at to share your accomplishments.

List of Recent Awards

April 2016


Jane Kim (Biology, Mirkin lab) accepted a faculty position in Biology at California State University San Marcos, where she will start in August. Jane also chaired the Gordon Research Seminar on DNA Damage, Mutation, & Cancer in Ventura Beach, California in March.

Selene Lomoio (Neuroscience, Tesco lab) was awarded a two-year Alzheimer’s Disease Postdoctoral Fellowship by BrightFocus Foundation.

Gary McDowell (Biology, Levin lab) was awarded a two-year grant to fund his full-time position with The Future of Research, a Massachusetts non-profit. Gary also received a 6-month residency at the Manylabs open science workspace, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Rebecca Reeves (Psychology, Cook lab) accepted a tenure-track position in the Psychology Department at Armstrong Atlantic State Univesity, where she will start in the fall.

Fair Vassoler (Biomedical Sciences, Byrnes lab) gave an invited talk as a representative of NIDA entitled “Multi- and transgenerational consequences of parental exposure to drugs of abuse” at an NIH funded transgenerational epigenetic inheritance workshop.

Amy Marie Yu (Neuroscience, Jackson lab) was awarded a Research Merit Travel Award for the 2016 Society for Research on Biological Rhythms biennial meeting.

March 2016


Zach Conrad (Friedman, Mozaffarian lab) received the “Award for Excellence in Research Addressing Cardiovascular Health Equity” by the American Heart Association.

Karen Perez de Arce (Neuroscience, Biederer lab) received a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scholarship supported by NIH for Workshop on Leadership in Biosciences.

January 2016


Maryna Raskin (Child Study & Human Development, Urry Lab) was accepted into the MIT IMPACT Program.