Job Opportunities

Posted Date Job Opportunities
7.20.16 Part-time Instructor, Biology (of Cancer), Clark University
7.20.16 Part-time Instructor, Biology (of Genetics and Disease), Clark University
7.20.16 Part-time Instructor, Biology (Neurology), Clark University
6.28.16 Postdoctoral Scholar in Food Systems Modeling
6.24.16 CSHL Postdoctoral position
6.21.16 Bio-Sciences Division Sales Representative, Boston, MA
5.27.16 Post-doctoral Fellow Position to Study Mechanisms Governing Protein Quality Control
5.20.16 Business Development Associate at Harvard University
5.20.16 Postdoctoral Fellow, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University
5.13.16 ARL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships
5.6.16 Postdoctoral Scholar at Tufts CTSE
4.29.16 Technical Information Scientist
4.21.16 Paul Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University | Microbiomes and Host Development
4.8.16 Senior Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Microbiology, Laboratory of Immunometabolism, Boston University School of Medicine
3.25.16 Post-doctoral scientist, translational neuroscience (biomarkers / mass spec)
3.18.16 Biostatistician or Associate Biostatistician – A Grant-funded Clinical Research Organization in Watertown, MA
3.8.16 Postdoctoral Fellow, HNRCA at Tufts University
3.3.16 Senior Scientist, Computational Biology / Oncology – Blueprint Medicines
3.3.16 Senior Scientist, Computational Biology / Immuno-Oncology – Blueprint Medicines
3.3.16 Scientist/Senior Scientist, Biology, Translational Research – Blueprint Medicines
3.3.16 Scientist/Senior Scientist, Biology, Basic Research – Blueprint Medicines
2.25.16 Biology Lecturer in Residence – Emmanuel College
2.25.16 Flagship VentureLabs Company VL39
2.18.16 Research Development Internship
2.11.16 Scientists/Senior Scientists: Medicinal Chemistry
2.11.16 Scientists/Senior Scientists: In vitro Pharmacology
2.11.16 Scientists/Senior Scientists: Drug Discovery Biology
2.4.16 Biology Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty in Molecular Cell Biology – Boston College
12.18.15 Teaching and Research Postdoc Fellow Position – Bryn Mawr College
12.4.15 Medical Writers and Senior Medical Writers, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
11.20.15 Visiting Lecture Positions at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
11.5.15 Postdoctoral Scholar in Nutritional Chemoprevention of Cancer – USDA Human Nutrition Research Center
10.22.15 Assistant Professor in Conservation Biology – Townson University
10.22.15 Assistant Professor of Biology – Barnard College
9.14.15 Postdoc Positions – Wayne State University
8.26.15 Scientist/Senior Scientist in Molecular Biology
7.21.15 Postdoctoral Position in Nutrition Policy – Tufts University
7.21.15 Postdoctoral Position in Cardiovascular Disease Policy Interventions
7.21.15 Postdoctoral Position in Circulating Dietary and Metabolic Fatty Acids, Major CVD Outcomes, & Healthy Aging
7.2.15 Fulbright Canada Programs for US Scholars and Students
6.30.15 Tenure-Track Investigator Position in the HIV Dynamics and Replication Program
6.12.15 Postdoctoral Position in Proteomic and Lipidomic Research– Tufts University, Boston
6.1.15 Postdoctoral Scholar Positions in Nutritional Epidemiology
5.20.15 Fulbright Scholar Program – Postdoctoral and Early Career Opportunities
5.13.15 Martin Freedman Postdoctoral Fellowship Position in Translational Research Laboratory
5.12.15 2-3 Year Translational Cognitive Neuroscience Post-doctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School/Boston VA Hospital
5.7.15 Post-Doctoral Position Open in The Center for Adaption Genetics and Drug Resistance
4.24.15 Postdoctoral Scholar in Nutrition Data Analysis (UNICEF/Friedman School)
4.13.15 Pfizer Postdoctoral Fellow Job Opportunity
2.18.15 Scientific Data Curator at Rancho BioSciences
12.4.14 Faculty Positions on Cell Signaling/Regulation, Genome Expression and Development
7.18.14 Opportunities for Midcareer Applicants: AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships
Application deadline: November 1, 2014, 12:00AM EDT
6.16.14 Postdoc in Immunoparasitology
5.5.14 Postdoc Position at the Inflamation and GPCR Pharmacology at Tufts Medical Center
4.28.14 Postdoctoral Position in Probabilistic Programming Language
4.2.14 Genomic Data Mining Analyst
3.24.14 Postdoctoral Research in Situated Natural Language Understanding
3.10.14 Graduate Student and Postdoc Technology Transfer Internship Program
1.14.14 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Wake Forest School of Medicine
11.4.13 Adjunct Opportunities at Pine Manor College
10.8.13 Biomedical Scientist Team – The Bowdoin Group
10.2.13 IGBMC Call for an Imaging Center Coordinator
9.24.13 IGBMC Call for Group Leader Positions in Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics
9.24.13 Postdoc Fellow Opportunity at Genzyme
9.11.13 Postdoc Position at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
9.5.13 Assistant Professor in Microbiology at Tufts University
7.30.13 Psychology Adjunct Position in Salem State University
7.30.13 Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Nutrition (Paris, France)
7.30.13 Postdoctoral Research in Situated Natural Language Understanding
6.17.13 Computer Science Teaching/Employment Opportunity at UMASS Boston
6.13.13 Recruitment of a New Research Group at the Cochin Institute (Paris, France)
5.29.13 Short Term Teaching Opportunity for Science Postdocs – Bard College
5.24.13 Job opportunities at Pine Manor College
5.16.13 Tenure-Track Position in Microbiology and Neuroscience – Ohio Wesleyan University
4.29.13 Industrial Postdoctoral Position in Process Development at Shire
4.12.13 Postdoc Position in the Department of Neuroscience at Tufts University
4.4.13 Graduate Student and Postdoc Technology Transfer Internship Program
4.2.13 Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity at Shire
2.25.13 Postdoc Position at Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration, Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center
2.25.13 Postdoc Position at Harvard Stem Cell Institute
2.22.13 Director of Research Tools Licensing
2.19.13 Chiocca Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
1.18.13 2013-2014 California Science and Technology Policy Fellowship
1.15.13 Postdoc Position Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
12.20.12 Postdoctoral or Research Associate – USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University
12.18.12 Lab Instructors – Pine Manor College
12.12.12 Assistant and Associate Professor Positions in Cancer Biology – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
10.30.12 Museum of Science Job Opportunity
10.30.12 Two Biology Education Postdoctoral Fellowships – San Francisco State University
10.10.12 Tenure Track Position: Cell Biology Division Group Leader, MRC Laboratory
9.24.12 Tenure Track Position: Assistant Professor of Biology, Barnard College
9.13.12 Open Editor Position: Microbiology Editor for Nature
9.5.12 Two Tenure Track Positions: Nutrition and/or Exercise Physiology, The University of Missouri
8.20.12 Postdoctoral Fellow Position: Molecular Biology and Microbiology
8.20.12 Postdoc Postion in Nice, France: Matrix/integrin-generated Signaling in Invasive Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC)
7.12.12 Postdoc Postion: Nuclear Pores and Stem Cell Differentiation
7.11.12 Teaching Position: General Biology 111 at UMass Boston
6.28.12 Postdoctoral Position: Study of Ca2+ Signaling and Its Biological Function(s) in the Fas/CD95 Apoptotic and Non-apoptotic Pathways
4.26.12 Research Group Leader in Membrane Biochemistry
4.4.12 Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Cell Biology/Genetics
1.30.12 Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Program